Mop and Glow Glitter Ornaments

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What seemed to be popular this years when searching “homemade ornament” in Pinterest was Mop and Glow glitter ornaments. So why not, lets try it! After reviewing several “how to’s”, I was ready with Dollar Store plastic clear blank ornaments, Mop and Glow, and glitter. If you don’t know, glitter gets everywhere no matter how careful you are….ugh.

After multiple searches, there seemed to be various ways in taking on the task of making glitter ornaments such polycrylic, diluted glue, Mod Podge, etc, I decided to go with I thought was the least complicated, Mop and Glow!

Taking the tops off the ornaments, I just placed enough Mop and Glow into the ornament to coat the inside the ornament. Coat the inside of the ornament by gently swirling the ornament around to not create any bubbles in the solution. Once the inside of the ornament is fully coated, turn it upside down to drain any excess. This takes about 10 minutes or less, I won’t exceed 10 minutes as you don’t want the solution to dry.

I used a plastic cup to drain my ornaments

Next it’s time to place glitter into the ornament. I had bought a small funnel but since my ornaments were extra large in size, I didn’t need it. I was able to pour the glitter into the ornament. I am guessing I put about 1/4 of glitter into the ornament and then again swirl around adding more as needed to completely coat the inside of the ornament with glitter.

Keeping the tops off the ornaments, I turned them upside down in a muffin time and allowed them to dry overnight.

Using my Cricut, I personalize ornaments are gifts for family this year. I made one especially for my dad’s monument site. Here are a couple of examples of did with this quick and easy craft. I would definitely call this a beginner craft and differently could have school kids help.

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