Retirement Goal – Photography Class

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Been considering going back to school for a second master's degree but then after talking to our financial advisor and began talking about retirement plans. I decide to focus on retirement goals. #1 – Improve and learn more on my hobby – Began taking courses at the Denver School of Photography. Since traveling more is our retirement plan, I want to be skilled at my hobby to take better travel photos. Last night was the first class. Goals don't always have to be financial or career, goals can be to improve what you enjoy! As I approach 48 in April I want to began to improve on what I enjoy in life. Plus let's be realistic, I retire 8 years before Roy, I hope to be take pictures while hiking and snowshoeing more while he is at work 🙂 #goals #photography #photo #photographylover #hobbyphotography #hobbyphotographer #travelphotographer #momlife #workingmom #momstrong #mom #wine #winemom #mindfulness #mindset #growth #creativity #eyeofthebeholder #oldbooks #naturephotography #landscapephotogray #stillphotography #archicturephotography #nightphotograhy #workingmomlife

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